David Wiley

#OER18 Open to All – Day 2 conference information


Welcome to the second day of OER18! Whether you have just arrived or already had a good day with us yesterday, we want to welcome you warmly and hope you enjoy the day ahead. The day starts with a keynote by David Wiley at 09:30 in cinema 1.

If this is your first day, you can get registered on the 1st floor of Watershed until 10:30am.

Here is a reminder of key links to get the most of your day:

  1. View the programme and plan your day
  2. Share #oer18 photos and images on our dedicated photo site.

Not in a rush to depart? More to talk about with colleagues? Then join us in the cafe in Watershed, where we will gather for a relaxed post-conference wind down.Please make sure you take your belongings along, as the conference rooms will revert back to use by the cinema staff once the formal programme ends.

Thank you for making this conference happen and adding your voice to #oer18.