Guidance for Reviewers

Guidance for Reviewers is now available (Google doc).

From 27 November you will be assigned proposals to review. You will receive separate email notifications for each proposal, asking you to accept or decline the review and giving a URL to the submission. If you have not received any separate confirmations from the submission system by the 4 December, please email [email protected].

Please respond to each allocation, either accepting or declining to undertake the review, as soon as possible, so that we can assign the proposal to someone else if needed. You will then have until 12pm GMT Friday 15 December to submit your feedback and record your decision. Please complete all reviews, recording your comments and decisions, by this time.

OER18: Guidance for Reviewers

Overview of the review process

Summary of overview

The conference submission system (OCS)

How to review a proposal in OCS

Summary of how to use the conference submission system:

Reviewer Guidelines

Notes on different types of proposals

A common review outcome for longer formats that do not have clear timings is to suggest a shorter session format as well as changes to the text of the proposal.

Criteria for review

Providing feedback

Proposals with a strong commercial focus

Conflicts of interest and anonymisation

Summary of guidelines for reviewers

What happens next